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At House of Platinum Cannabis, we take pride in our vast state-of-the-art grow facility, rich farmland, and careful cultivation methods. Using regenerative growing practices and specific biocontrols, we’re able to grow top-tier indoor and outdoor flower that consistently produces the cleanest, most effective medicine in the state. Explore our flower by strain type below to find the best option for your needs.


3.5 grams, 7 grams, and 14 grams



  • Sativa Dominant
  • Hybrid
  • Indica Dominant


A blend of calming Indica effects and uplifting Sativa effects ideal for those in need of balanced symptom relief.

  • Durban Freeze

    Durban Freeze is a frosty plant that promises something for everyone with its balanced hybrid profile. With the tangy Sativa punch of Durban Poison and the highly potent qualities of Frozen Margy, you can expect a complex tropical fruit and spice profile with balanced effects that are right on the edge of energetic.

    Durban Freeze

  • Granny’s Sundae

    This fruit basket of a strain combines the crisp and tangy Sour Apple with the berry-scented Sundae Driver. As a fairly balanced hybrid, its smooth and relaxing effects come with bursts of creativity and levity, making it a lip-smacking choice that’s great for any time of day.

    Granny’s Sundae


    THCA: 22.4% | CBDA: 21.4%
  • Johnny Cash Flo

    This smooth strain blends Flo and Highwayman for a flavor-meets-frost hybrid. Flo is a classic variety known for its unique floral hash aroma that shines through here, with Highwayman adding a dose of potency. Complex flavors and a softly uplifting effect make this a perfect all-day strain.

    Johnny Cash Flo

  • Lemon Froze

    New school meets old school in Lemon Froze. A mix of a Jack Herer and the highly potent Frozen Margy, this strain showcases a tangy citrus and pine aroma and flavor. Balanced, but with a strong Indica base, Lemon Froze is a perfect daytime strain for those seeking a stronger body effect.

    Lemon Froze

  • Margalope

    Margalope is a super potent strain that combines Chocolope and Frozen Margy, creating an interesting aroma and flavor profile of florals and tropical fruit. The Chocolope's heavily Sativa effect is moderated by the Indica-dominant Margy for a powerful high that straddles the line between invigorating and relaxing.


  • Prophet

    Prophet is a balanced hybrid with fresh, herbal flavor and an aroma highlighted by earth and chocolate. Pre-’98 Bubba Kush, known for its numbing body effects, and Tang Tang, known for its vigor, come together in this strain to foster a contemplative and focused mind while relaxing the body. The effect is potent, balanced, and versatile, seeming to fit in with any point of your day.



    THCA: 28.5% | CBDA: 25.9%
  • Ramblin’ Guerilla

    Ramblin' Guerilla combines GG #4 with Highwayman in perfect harmony. GG #4’s complex chocolate-Chem aroma and flavor provide a great base that’s made brighter and more delicate by Highwayman, resulting in an extremely tasty hybrid. The same can be said for the effect, which kicks the sometimes heavy GG #4 up a notch in clarity and energy level, making this strain suitable for any time of day.

    Ramblin’ Guerilla


    THCA: 28.4% | CBDA: 26.5%
  • Tangerine and Cream

    With its citrus-forward, floral sweetness, Tangerine and Cream is a truly delicious option for those seeking a balanced yet invigorating high. A hybrid of Tangie and Purple Sauce, this strain offers a smoothly uplifting effect with bursts of creativity, making it a great choice for daytime or an active evening.

    Tangerine and Cream


    THCA: 33.4% | CBDA: 30.8%

Sativa Dominant

Your best option for an energetic, daytime buzz with light but noticeable body effects.

  • Panamaurora Haze

    A fusion of East Coast Panama Chunk (ECPC) and Northern Lights #5 X Haze, Panamaurora Haze has massive flowers that reek of tropical terpenes. With a complex floral, spice, and citrus profile and energetic Sativa effects, it provides major mental uplift grounded by an Indica body base, making it a great choice for those who want Sativa effects but benefit from body relaxation. This is an ideal daytime choice for those looking for inspiration and creativity.

    Panamaurora Haze

Indica Dominant

Perfect for those looking for full-body effects with a touch of clarity.

  • Bubba D

    Bubba D offers the quintessential Kush experience. As a potent and gassy cross between the legendary Pre-'98 Bubba Kush and Diagonal Kush (a Colorado-bred plant combining Sour Diesel and True OG), it offers a rich, earthy, and chocolatey flavor brightened by a skunky, diesel aroma. Expect very potent Indica-leaning effects that will satisfy even the most seasoned cannabis user.

    Bubba D


    THCA: 26.9% | CBDA: 25.6%
  • Candy Margy

    Candy Margy is just as sweet as it sounds. A blend of Wedding Cake, Grape Pie, and Frozen Margy, it has an incredibly aromatic flavor profile of fruit and diesel that’s accented by its calming effects. Though it’s a hard-hitting Indica-dominant strain that guarantees full-body relaxation, you can still expect an uplifted and cheerful head high.

    Candy Margy

  • Gelato Sundae

    Gelato Sundae is the dessert you’ve been craving. A cross between the famed Gelato #33 and Sundae Driver, it offers a perfect mix of rich, fruity flavors and a creamy fruit-meets-gas aroma. This heavily Indica-dominant plant imparts deep, full-body relaxation that helps to ground its uplifting and euphoric cerebral effects.

    Gelato Sundae


    THCA : 28.8% | CBDA: 26.5%
  • Goji Margy

    With trichomes so large they resemble the salt on a margarita glass, Goji Margy is a pine and fuel flavor bomb that delivers balanced yet potent Indica-dominant effects. Its burst of flavor and strong full-body buzz comes from the pairing of “Pine Soul” Goji OG with Frozen Margy, which also explains its frosty green and orange nugs.

    Goji Margy

  • Morning Steep

    A cross between Sunset Punch and Sundae Driver, Morning Steep is rich with the smell and flavor of candy-coated dark fruits. Don’t let its bright name fool you—with moderate Indica effects, this relaxing strain is better for a low-key day at home or winding down before bed than it is to start your morning.

    Morning Steep


    THCA: 26.9% | CBDA: 25.2%
  • Orange Dream Machine

    Orange Dream Machine is a citrusy strain with a unique orange juice (not peel) aroma and flavor. A cross between Orange Ghost and UpgraDDe X I-95, it has dense flowers with very thick trichome coverage. Expect a heavy Indica effect that’s well balanced between head and body, so you might want to save this one for the evening or a day with a light schedule.

    Orange Dream Machine


    THCA: 29.5% | CBDA: 27.3%
  • Roasted Garlic Margy

    In Roasted Garlic Margy, you’ll find the pungent fermented garlic and skunk aroma of GMO Cookies expertly paired with the fruitiness of Frozen Margy creates a dynamic duo of potency and flavor. The combined raw strength of both plants results in a long-lasting, numbing effect that affects the head and body evenly, perfect for a sleepy evening.

    Roasted Garlic Margy

  • Sundae Mints

    Sundae Mints produces dense, frosty flowers with hints of purple that smell of berries and earthy chocolate. A cross between Thin Mints GSC and Sundae Driver, its smooth and happy Indica-dominant effects are long-lasting and thoroughly relaxing, making it great for nighttime use.

    Sundae Mints

  • For the adventurous Indica seeker, Uber will definitely take you where you want to go. This Indica-dominant hybrid of Chemdog D and Sundae Driver is a perfect fusion of fruit and funk. Potent and relaxing with an enduring effect, it has a powerful sedative effect that will leave you fully relaxed for hours.



    THCA: 28.3% | CBDA: 27%
  • Willie n’ Waylon

    Worthy of its legendary namesakes, Willie ‘n Waylon is a double-fortified OG creation. Crossed between Triangle Kush (perhaps the original OG) and Valley Girl, it features complex soil, citrus, and skunk aromas that are highlighted by its classic uplifting yet relaxed OG effects. It imparts a happy, social, and chill high that, while relaxing, is definitely not sleepy, making it a wonderful choice for hanging out with friends or sharing a meal. As the legends would want it.

    Willie n’ Waylon


    THCA: 27.1% | CBDA: 25.8%


Apopka Flower

New facility flower hang dried, hand trimmed ,cured and refined to create best smokable flower.

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Catered, Hand grown , perfected

With a team of experienced horticulturists, scientists, and cultivation experts behind House of Platinum Cannabis, our meticulously grown flower consistently produces the cleanest, most effective medicine in the state.  Our flower is grown in our state-of-the-art greenhouse and indoor facilities. Before taking root in Florida, our team spent years learning and perfecting growing techniques in the industry-leading states of California and Colorado.  Using crop protection methods that guarantee a safe product free from harmful chemicals and a carefully monitored dry and cure process, the uniqueness of our strains is always preserved, no matter which of our locations you shop. 




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